25 September 2014

"I'm with the band"

Excited to announce that I'm officially part of a newly-formed band for UNSW's Japanese society (NSA)! We had our first gig last Monday at the Roundhouse for MuSoc Idol and we initially prepared two songs to perform but in the end we only performed 'Fix You' by Coldplay. We performed last as we were the only band, and we didn't get scored well by the judges, but overall I thought it was a nice first exposure experience. At the moment we're practising hard for our major performance at NSA's own ball where we'll be combining a mix of Japanese and English songs and most likely being the entertainment throughout the night. Can't wait!

Photo credit: Michael Tanujaya
I really hope my friend doesn't read this blog, otherwise this would be so embarrassing haha. But I went to go see Seconds After's performance at Bondi on Wednesday. They were meant to perform 3 of their original songs but got pushed to last performance so they only did one song. Even though it was the first time he sung it, I knew it sounded familiar, and then after a while I realised why. It was dedicated to someone and I knew who it was to, and so I became pretty emotional. 

"SWAG: Something We Asians Got"

On Saturday, my family and I went to Bowral to have a picnic and go see the Tulip Festival, and we managed to take some photos on the way :) Unfortunately in the end, we didn't enter the tulip garden because the admission fee was too expensive, but there were still many nice areas around the suburb that we got to see.

On a different note, this week on Monday I think, I got picked up by some guy (again..) on main walkway, except this time he seemed pretty decent. We had a good chat, exchanged details etc. but I know that it probably won't work out because he seems like a social party person, which really isn't my type..
But yeah.. what is this?! LOL last time this happened, it was in the same area as well, but by this aussie looking skater guy with long-ish hair..

Wrapping my week off, I watched Maze Runner with 3 of my friends yesterday. When I watched it, I thought the movie was great, but thinking about it now, not much actually physically happened in the movie :O What made it so worth it though, was the cast. 

Don't ask me why, but Ki Hong somehow reminds me of Greg..
Firstly can I say: KI. HONG. LEE. I was a fan of him in Wong Fu Productions and honestly, I was scared to see his acting, only because I thought he would be extremely nervous acting on the big screen for the first time.. but he pulled it off perfectly and he was sooo cool in his character as Minho!! My appreciation for him just went to a whole new level.

Also for loyal fans of Thomas Sangster, expect competition from 1 million + new fangirls, because I'm now part of that number haha. A lot of people knew him from Game of Thrones but I never got around to watching it, so I guess I'm a late-comer? Anyway he is so cute and baby-faced, I couldn't help but adore him in the movie! I was actually shocked when I found out today that he's 24 years old - no way! I also never paid much attention to him when I watched Nanny McPhee, because he was still a kid at the time, but in Maze Runner they gave him a much more mature role, and that really changed my perspective of him and it made him stand out so much more.

And of course I can't forget the main actor, Dylan O'Brien! He was attractive but I couldn't help but focus so much more on the other two. I glad they chose him for the main role though, he suits it very well :)

About the movie itself, since they didn't do much in this one, I'm anticipating that they'll add much more action or games/tests in the movie sequels, so I'm excited for that! Also I'm a bit devastated because we missed out on a bit of the beginning of the movie, and that made the whole story complicated/harder to understand but the ending cleared a lot of things up. Still wish I could see it though!

14 September 2014

Escape Room!

OMGSH GUYS this is so cool!!


And the best part is that it's located in Kingsford!

I have my doubts into the quality of the games after looking at the website, but this thing initially started in Hong Kong and it looks pretty successful there! Excited to see if it gets popular here :)

"Throw yourself into one of themed game rooms and challenge yourself to get out in time! Release your inner detective to unravel the mysteries, solve hidden clues and complete interactive puzzles! Fun and dynamic team building experience.

To escape the room in time, you and your mates need not only common sense, observation and logical thinking, but also the teamwork."

01 August 2014

Messy Emotions

Long time no post!

Just thought I'd give a few bits and pieces of what's been happening recently :)

So it's first week back at uni and I'm actually off to a good start, every night when I come home I spend the whole night reviewing my lectures and write further notes on stuff I didn't understand. I figured it's better this way, using a 'study-as-I-go' approach rather than cramming for exams a few days before. Let's hope it works! :) Part of the reason I'm striving to work harder this sem (and am actually doing it this time) is because my current subjects are amazing! I'm doing neuroscience, anatomy, perception and cognition psychology and repeating math stats. Neuroscience is my absolute favourite subject with anatomy coming a close second :) On the downside, another reason why I'm working hard is because I got a 'referral' academic standing due to poor sem 1 results :( If I fail something this sem, my standing might change to probation.. scary huh? T_T I feel that it should be easy to get good marks this sem if I genuinely work hard, because last sem I didn't do any of my tutorial homework, and barely studied for my exams.. like 10% effort :/ I can do this!! I have to!!

On the 29th - 30th July, Priceline was having a 40% off skincare sale! There went my plans on saving for a trip to Japan LOL I went there by myself after uni but coincidentally my mum was at the same shopping centre as me, so luckily she was willing to share the costs hehe ^^ I just kept to the basics and bought what I really needed, here's what I got :)

The first one is Garnier Body Gel-Lotion. I've always been using Vaseline aloe vera light lotion for everyday use but I realise it's too light and my skin gets dry again halfway throughout the day, so I'm opting for a heavier intense body cream :) I've only used it for one day but I quite like it, I feel like my skin is more softer, but maybe I'm just imagining things, I dunno haha.

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water was recommended to me by Kirsty :D Unfortunately for me, it doesn't work as well for me as it does for my friend, it barely removed any of my eye makeup, so I had to use my other makeup remover to do the rest (and most) of the job D: It didn't say the product was specifically for the eyes, and although it does say it removes makeup, it seems to serve more as a cleanser (hence 'cleansing water'), so with those facts in mind, I can understand that it didn't do the job as well ^^" However on the other hand, I think it has great potential as a cleanser :D When I tried it, it felt exactly like water (no oily feeling like my makeup remover), and the cleansing water felt refreshing on my face and it even felt softer xD (imagining again..?)

Next is Garnier dark spot treatment! I've never purchased a product like this before, but I do know the main flaw of my skin is that my cheeks are sprinkled with sun spots because I didn't take enough care and never put sunscreen on my face.. regrets.. Excited to see if this product will really work in the long run, I'll let you guys know! :)

Aaaand lastly, I got Nivea face day cream :D Before this, I just used a random Lanolin one that my mum had, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing either, it did the job in keeping my face moisturised and didn't break me out, but I guess I wanted a little extra added benefits in my face cream. This Nivea one seemed worthy of giving a go, especially since its SPF 30+ :) I don't know if I'm overthinking it, but I only used it once and already my face feels softer xD (truly..?)

Anyway so that's what I bought, hopefully some of them can become part of my essentials? :D Did any of you go to the Priceline sales? If so, what products did you go for?

I wanted to end this on something I thought was relevant to me and my kind of thinking at the moment. Do you remember the movie, No Strings Attached? It's a movie that dates a while back already and when I watched it, at first I didn't think much of it, but come to think of it, I can actually relate to the main character in her view on relationships:

I thought this line in particular reflects my feelings, because I can be a very different person when I'm in a relationship. Very.. open/direct? I don't think that's the right term, but I mean like if the guy ever did something that I didn't like/turned me off/made me question my feelings for them, I would suddenly go out of my way to avoid them or distance myself from them. And.. I realise I can become a very cold and slack person if that ever happens.. and that's what scares me, because I don't usually like treating people badly that way and hurting them :/ But at the same time, I can also be a very clingy person who can only think of them? When it comes down to it, I think put simply, I'd make a very bad girlfriend xD

I was talking to a friend on Thursday and asked her what her ideal was and she said she'd want to be around someone where it doesn't feel like one person depends on another, like the guy will still continue to hang with his friends, and same with the girl. I agreed with her and thought further on how it'd be like a best friend / boyfriend, it's not completely lovey-dovey, can't live without you kind of type of relationship where you want to spend time with each other all the time, but rather a laid-back kind of relationship where you can be yourself around them and just chill and talk to them about everything and anything. Best of both worlds basically, but that's pretty hard to find and I'm probably asking for too much hahah
Honestly, I have found someone who is like that, but with someone like me who is so unstable in a relationship and has the capability of hurting them, it would be a huge risk :S

Anyway sorry if the above ramblings don't even make sense, there's like a billion things I want to write about this topic but they're all bursting out at the same time, that I jump from one conclusion to another, and it's all so confusing, this is why I never write about my views on relationships, it always ends up like this haha.

22 June 2014

Desk Makeover

Hi all!

As you can probably tell by the following photos, I got into a pretty creative mood and decided to rearrange my desk into something a bit more feminine and well.. definitely way more organised and less messy haha. I forgot to take before-photos but if you just imagine piles of books everywhere and nothing pretty about it, and that's a pretty accurate description of before xD

Top left: Was meant to be a whiteboard but for now using as a mood board :D The upper prints are from a brand called Birdy&Me, illustrated by Kelly Smith, and her designs and artwork are amazing! If you've ever read Girlfriend magazine, you may have noticed that she is the artist behind the really pretty illustrations for the horoscopes section, and that's how I came to stumble across this artist :) Her designs are mainly revolved around watercolour, pastels, florals and fashion, so if you like any of those, definitely recommend following her on instagram or her other websites! :) http://instagram.com/birdyandme

Top Right: I bought this clear plastic paper shelf holder today from Officeworks in the city, to replace this very old electric blue coloured one I had, and it was honestly the best decision ever, which was actually what inspired me to rearrange my desk in the first place :) It matches so beautifully with the mint and white ornaments and the mini flower arrangement! I took an additional photo showing the cute milkshake glass that the flowers are in:

Initially I created this desk schema to be more in the mood when studying, but honestly, it might well do the opposite, as it is quite distracting! hahah
Let me know if you're also feeling inspired to rearrange your desk ^^

18 June 2014

Lovisa Sale Haul

Hey all :)

Just taking a small break from studying to post this up!
Lovisa was having a sale so I went on a bit of a haul and bought 3 necklaces and an earring set. 
Lately I'm really into statement necklaces, which for some reason before, I wasn't a fan of, probably because I prefer those simple small charm necklaces. But lately I've been noticing my outfits have been a bit too plain / simple, so I think the best way to brighten it up would be a statement necklace :D

All jewellery was reduced from like $12-$15 to $5, so it was an amazing deal! The only exception was the glitter triangle one which was $15 I think but I think it's totally worth it, as it was my favourite out of all the necklaces :)

Here's a few more pictures:

And that is all :)
I'm not sure how long the sale goes for but it has been going longer than 2 weeks so I assume it ends soon. I recommend going if you're looking to freshen and update your jewellery 'closet'! Lovisa has sales all the time, but I reckon this has been the best I've seen so far, because a lot of the good items are available.

Let me know if you guys get anything good!
Till next time :D

16 June 2014

Two Mums..? [Dream]

I had this really depressing dream where I was just really happy with my family but then one day my dad comes up to me and tells me about my other mum (apparently my biological mum) and how she's really sick. Apparently I knew deep in my heart that I was raised by a different mum 10 years ago when I was younger, but I spent years putting it behind to start a new life with my new and current mum, to the point that I was able to completely forget about her? Part of the reason why I was able to forget in the first place was because my biological mum was 100% identical in appearance to my current mum, like a twin (but they weren't related), so it felt like when one left and the other instantly came to replace her, that it was still the same mum (appearance-wise)

 So to be finally reminded again, I had so many mixed emotions - firstly, sadness because my current mum loved me so much that I thought of her as the one and only, second, regret because I couldn't believe I forgot about my biological mum in the first place and thirdly, shocked/depressed that she was sick. 

Later that day when I found out, I went to go visit her and she didn't look like my current mum, but instead, looked exactly the same as she did 10 years ago when she left me (basically was the younger version of my current mum). So basically she didn't age at all since last time I met her. But that didn't have anything to do with her illness, in the dream, her looking the same as she did 10 years ago didn't come off as strange to me. She was lying in bed with a doctor carer by her bedside. She looked pale, malnourished etc. Every time she coughed, it sounded like a phlegmy cough that you normally get when you have a cold (those terrible-sounding ones), and her upper and lower body would jump up (like what happens with a defibrillator) and she would have the urge to throw up into the bag that the doctor held beside her bed. After seeing that, I couldn't hold it in and just ran to a spot away from everybody and just cried uncontrollably non-stop.


And I couldn't remember the rest of my dream.
Was a really depressing dream, I have a feeling there's many connotations that I'll need to decode but I have an exam in a few hours so I'll come back to it later. But if there's a message to take away from that dream, it's that I need to show my mum more love, I already love her with all my heart but I sometimes don't show/express it enough.

14 June 2014

Academic Distress

Honestly worried about my academic standing after I do my two exams this week :(