31 July 2010

My Lifesong

There's one thing they say is true
I didn't know what I had until I lost you
But seeing you with her is clear
'Cause it was killing me
Wish I'd held you closer
Then maybe your love would not be over
Why didn't I when you were here

I had everything I wanted
I was blind and I couldn't see
That it was a future
That was standing right in front of me
Now you're looking at her
The way you used to look at me
Now I realise

When you were mine
I should've told you that you're beautiful
When you were mine
Should've never let you feel invisible
When you were mine
Tried to be a player but I dropped the ball
If I could rewind back to the time
When you were mine
Would've been so good but now we'll never know
It kills me inside
To know our story will remain untold
How could I tell you goodbye
When you were mine

As I watch you walk away
The part of me dies inside
I cannot hide, I cannot lie to you
The mistakes that I've made
Are slapping me in the face
I'm feeling so out of place
Some things you just can't replace

Tell me do you remember
How you always used to look at me
Back when you were mine

- When You Were Mine
Varsity (Fanclub) -

Used to love this song ages ago because of how catchy it was; little did i know this song would now describe how i feel about you now..


hehe ^^

30 July 2010

Secret #08

My true emotions are when im at home
If it be crying over a hard day, or being high after an awesome night (like i am right now), i dont truly "feel" it until i reach home. I dont know why, maybe i just have difficulty expressing myself in front of others o.o

Christmas in July Hillsong Youth Formal

Better than last years ;D
I saw soooo many people from different groups there. like, not just hillsong friends. wennie tan was there.. gloria siu was there! I really didnt expect id see her! who else.. omgsh so many year 9 OLSH girls were there - amadea and florida (the regular OLSH hillsongers) and unexpected ones like emily ling's sister (dont know her name), katy ting and so much more people :O

Well firstly i soooo regret not taking pictures! I wouldve taken one-on-one with heaps of people, like kellen, tim, jo, rachel and others.. but i didnt! :( because i was dancing the whole time! :(

Anyway im in a really high mood right now. yer yer yer :D SUCH a good day. japanese exchange students, fridays, church and youth, talking to friends i havent talked to/seen for ages, EVERYTHING! yaaay :)


hi5! 500 days of summer is an amazing movie (:


Today the Japanese students came into my philosophy and science class, and i talked to them for the first time! :) I dont know why, but having them in my class is ALWAYS the highlight of my day. Damn, I wish they stayed forever.. I'm already dreading them leaving x.x


Best website EVER; for fashion :)
#04 on my bookmarks list, next to facebook, youtube and blogger.

29 July 2010

Secret #07

I'm not happy being skinny - i have no shape, long sleeved clothes dont suit me, and i cant even wear shorts properly without there being this space where fat should be. I really do wish i was fatter. Honestly. Not fat, just.. fatter.

Heres the thing - I have no motivation to gain weight. Sometimes i feel good eating heaps. Other times i really dont feel in the mood. So its a win then lose thing. Eat heaps, but then that effort disappears easily because i go back to my own habit.

The 0nly Th1ng 0n My M1nd 1s Maths

Title is pretty self-explanatory, but omgsh all i think about is maths at the moment! While im eating dinner - maths. While im facebooking - maths. While im doing this - maths. While im brushing my teeth - maths. While im asleep - maths.

Wait.. wth, while im sleeping too?! @__@

Lagging Behind; A Major Math Exam Study Rant

This is what is going down with my studies.
I havent reviewed chapter 6 AT ALL - meaning now its 9:39pm, im pretty much doomed because i know nothing from that chapter + i can do nothing about it either, since its late and tomorrow morning just wont do. Neither have i mastered chapter 4 on deductive geometry and that whole load of questions on how to prove that something is really what it seems. I know, stupid right? Like, prove that blahblahblah meets to make a 90 degree angle. Seriously? Yes, seriously. Hmm.. and then theres chapter 5. Looks like making my mind wander during SOME math lessons does make a huge difference. My knowledge for factorisation is ALL over the place. I know some things, and others, not. Guess what? I spent this evening learning stuff that i couldve learnt in the lessons i dozed off. Omgsh, major regret T___T

On a good note, i FINALLY understand monic and non-monic quadratic trinomials! difference between them, thanks to ben lee. And applying the formulas to actual questions, thanks to maths online :)

Another cute hoodie x) - $48

Hoodie :)

28 July 2010

Too Lazy..

Someone please kick me if i dont go to bowen today. The moment i go home, thats it. I cant concentrate on maths or any sort of study anymore =l

27 July 2010

Salsa / Latin Dance

First day of sport for term 3 was EPIC!
Our dance teacher is really funny and i could tell most of our group was having fun being themselves, it was really cool :)

Secret #06

When i get heartbroken, you can expect to hear harsh, cold words from me, even if its against my nature and so not me

Out of sight, out of mind

In a way, im glad i dont have to see your face everyday. It helps me get over all this. Im still careful though. If it means staying back at school longer, or going elsewhere, its what ive been doing lately. It makes every afternoon nerve wreaking though, always hoping you wont be there, and a sigh of relief when you're not. But for now, and the next couple of weeks, Thursday is my worst nightmare.

"I dread the one day when I will see you again"


Yay! The Japanese students came this afternoon and i got to see all of them after sport :)
Cant wait for tomorrow; will be extra early! ^^
And also super excited that they are visiting one of our english lessons! hehe

26 July 2010

Final Subject Selections

SO MUCH decision making was put into the last few hours of today. Tomorrow is the day i submit my subject preferences for year 11 and 12, thats why xD

In the end, there was heaps of controversy regarding senior science and biology, and fundamental english. i spent like half an hour talking about if i should consider it as one of my five electives or if it should be placed in the 6th and 7th preference. I HAVE FINALLY DECIDED, THANK GOD. what a stressful day.

Studies of Religion 1unit
English Standard

1. General Mathematics
2. Information Processes and Technology
3. Biology
4. Business Services VET (Category B)
5. Design and Technology

6. Senior Science
7. English Fundamentals

A Walk Down.. Report Lane?

This is for my own self-reflection, and to compare my results over a more wider range.
Yes, ive noticed ive dropped every year. Yes, ive got straight As in ISAT for 2 years. Yes, i was so close to a straight Bs report in year 8. damn PDHPE.. lol.. I also happened to notice year 8 was the year i performed best.
Umm.. anyway.. enjoy..

Year 7

Semester 1
Religion: A
English: B
Maths: A
Science: B
History: B
French: A
Technology: B
Visual Arts: C
Literacy: B

Semester 2
Religion: A
English: B
Maths: B
Science: A
Geography: B
French: A
Music: A
Technology: B
Literacy: B

Year 8
Semester 1
Religion: B
English: B
Maths: B
Science: B
Geography: B
French: B
Technology: B
Visual Arts: B

Semester 2
Religion: B
English: C
Maths: B
Science: A
History: A
French: A
Music: A
Technology: B

Year 9
Semester 1
Philosophy: C
Religion: A
English: B
Maths: B
Science: C
History: A
Commerce: B

Semester 2
Religion: B
English: A
Maths: B
Science: B
Geography: A
Commerce: B
Philosophy: B

Year 10

Semester 1
Religion: B
English: C
Maths: C
Science: B
Geography: B
Philosophy: C
Commerce: C


Aww.. the Japanese students arent arriving in Australia until tomorrow (Tuesday) :(
Does that mean we wont actually get to meet them until Wednesday?
I hope not..

25 July 2010

If Only..

damnn.. if i could serve sundaes as good / pretty as this one.
it looks so pro.. how did they get the chocolate to swirl on each layer of ice cream?
jealous =="

Secret #05

I tend to be a perfectionist

Retail Therapy

Today i went shopping for my formal dress!
Well first i went to go eat something, and saw connie working so i said hi :) im thinking maybe i should move to mcdonalds? hmm..
then i went to JB near that, and OMG i saw the LG chocolate slide phone!! it wasnt the full touch one, but still! I honestly thought they werent out in australia yet, cause they NEVER advertise it in the phone brochures.. but i saw it with my own eyes! i couldnt move away from it, i kept sliding the keypad open and close, flipping it, texting on it (to see how it felt) etc etc for like, 10 minutes. and then. i saw the macbook pro. and i stayed there for another 10 mins. i talked myself into buying a 13inch macbook (approx. $1500) once i reached the $3000 point i think? well anyway i only need about $200 more before i have JUST enough money to buy it XD but the thought of having $0 in my bank account is the most depressing thought, so hell no, not now x.x
Anyway in the end i bought a dress that was soooo unexpected, its seriously not my type but surprisingly i like it.. My usual preference is usually black.. you know, kinda plain.. like my simple short black dress with the bow, i still love that one because its definitely my type XD My dress i bought just then.. hmm.. its really patterned, kinda like a summer dress. flowy type. its more casual, but thats what i wanted it to be, because its not formal formal, you know.
anddd.. thats about it :)

24 July 2010


Tomorrow i get to go shopping for a new formal dress!
Ive already worn the short one with the bow too many times.. though i still love it! I want to get a similar short dress, but this time a ribbon around the waist that ties at the back ^^ hmm.. should i attempt to wear heels? maybe super short ones? Heels are like the only shoes that designers even attempt to make pretty =="

Broken Promises

Japanese Students

monday = love ♥
cant wait to meet them! :)

anyone want to sign up with me at B305 for learning japanese culture etc ?

Secret #04

I dream big and have huge expectations

22 July 2010

Secret #03

I dont mind super stereotypical cheesy movies, but most other times i hate it


So today after maths class I asked my teacher which maths I was recommended for and she told me i'm on the borderline (in the middle) of general and advanced maths and that the upcoming maths exam was going to determine EVERYTHING and whether i make it or not! D: she immediately said to me 'please dont feel that theres pressure on you though' - omgomgomg those words are soooo not working on me T___T

21 July 2010


Well firstly a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazingprettybeautifulandawesome best friend CONNIE on her sweet 16th birthday! i love you, you're just simply amazing :)

Well in the afternoon i went with connie to meet with justin so we could crash jordan's house. At first i felt reaaaally uncomfortable going to a guy's house that I don't even know well. But at the same time i kinda wanted to see a guy's room, so.. i ended up going. When i heard his house was dodgy i didnt believe it because honestly, whos house could be worse than mines? well, haha. what an understatement.. it turned out worse than my house (no offence) XD what i was surprised was how easy it was to go into his bedroom. i noticed that when i also visited boss' house with tim and nathan. its sooo easy for a girl to go in there, but TOTALLY different for the other way around. well anyway it was awkward at first but eventually i got used to it :) a guy's bedroom is.. i dont know. simple i guess? a girls bedroom is decorative with posters on the wall and colour and soft toys everywhere - what a difference.

Secret #02

Sometimes I lie about how bad my eye sight is, because its really bad.
Truth is, my left is -4.00 and right is -4.25

20 July 2010

Um.. Awkward?

I just cant stop laughing every time I get hit by a basketball on Tuesday afternoons.
Reason? Its just plain awwwwwkward!
Everyones attention is on me and its embarrassing how im sort of in pain and my eyes get watery and all that but I cant hold it in and at the same time show no emotion, so I just laugh it off i guess XD Its like walking into a pole in public and everyone turns around and stares.. *awkward* If that happened to me while no one was around, I would honestly be crying by then! hahaha.

Secret #01

I'm extremely easy to influence