30 July 2010

Christmas in July Hillsong Youth Formal

Better than last years ;D
I saw soooo many people from different groups there. like, not just hillsong friends. wennie tan was there.. gloria siu was there! I really didnt expect id see her! who else.. omgsh so many year 9 OLSH girls were there - amadea and florida (the regular OLSH hillsongers) and unexpected ones like emily ling's sister (dont know her name), katy ting and so much more people :O

Well firstly i soooo regret not taking pictures! I wouldve taken one-on-one with heaps of people, like kellen, tim, jo, rachel and others.. but i didnt! :( because i was dancing the whole time! :(

Anyway im in a really high mood right now. yer yer yer :D SUCH a good day. japanese exchange students, fridays, church and youth, talking to friends i havent talked to/seen for ages, EVERYTHING! yaaay :)

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