29 July 2010

Lagging Behind; A Major Math Exam Study Rant

This is what is going down with my studies.
I havent reviewed chapter 6 AT ALL - meaning now its 9:39pm, im pretty much doomed because i know nothing from that chapter + i can do nothing about it either, since its late and tomorrow morning just wont do. Neither have i mastered chapter 4 on deductive geometry and that whole load of questions on how to prove that something is really what it seems. I know, stupid right? Like, prove that blahblahblah meets to make a 90 degree angle. Seriously? Yes, seriously. Hmm.. and then theres chapter 5. Looks like making my mind wander during SOME math lessons does make a huge difference. My knowledge for factorisation is ALL over the place. I know some things, and others, not. Guess what? I spent this evening learning stuff that i couldve learnt in the lessons i dozed off. Omgsh, major regret T___T

On a good note, i FINALLY understand monic and non-monic quadratic trinomials! difference between them, thanks to ben lee. And applying the formulas to actual questions, thanks to maths online :)

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