31 July 2010

My Lifesong

There's one thing they say is true
I didn't know what I had until I lost you
But seeing you with her is clear
'Cause it was killing me
Wish I'd held you closer
Then maybe your love would not be over
Why didn't I when you were here

I had everything I wanted
I was blind and I couldn't see
That it was a future
That was standing right in front of me
Now you're looking at her
The way you used to look at me
Now I realise

When you were mine
I should've told you that you're beautiful
When you were mine
Should've never let you feel invisible
When you were mine
Tried to be a player but I dropped the ball
If I could rewind back to the time
When you were mine
Would've been so good but now we'll never know
It kills me inside
To know our story will remain untold
How could I tell you goodbye
When you were mine

As I watch you walk away
The part of me dies inside
I cannot hide, I cannot lie to you
The mistakes that I've made
Are slapping me in the face
I'm feeling so out of place
Some things you just can't replace

Tell me do you remember
How you always used to look at me
Back when you were mine

- When You Were Mine
Varsity (Fanclub) -

Used to love this song ages ago because of how catchy it was; little did i know this song would now describe how i feel about you now..

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