25 July 2010

Retail Therapy

Today i went shopping for my formal dress!
Well first i went to go eat something, and saw connie working so i said hi :) im thinking maybe i should move to mcdonalds? hmm..
then i went to JB near that, and OMG i saw the LG chocolate slide phone!! it wasnt the full touch one, but still! I honestly thought they werent out in australia yet, cause they NEVER advertise it in the phone brochures.. but i saw it with my own eyes! i couldnt move away from it, i kept sliding the keypad open and close, flipping it, texting on it (to see how it felt) etc etc for like, 10 minutes. and then. i saw the macbook pro. and i stayed there for another 10 mins. i talked myself into buying a 13inch macbook (approx. $1500) once i reached the $3000 point i think? well anyway i only need about $200 more before i have JUST enough money to buy it XD but the thought of having $0 in my bank account is the most depressing thought, so hell no, not now x.x
Anyway in the end i bought a dress that was soooo unexpected, its seriously not my type but surprisingly i like it.. My usual preference is usually black.. you know, kinda plain.. like my simple short black dress with the bow, i still love that one because its definitely my type XD My dress i bought just then.. hmm.. its really patterned, kinda like a summer dress. flowy type. its more casual, but thats what i wanted it to be, because its not formal formal, you know.
anddd.. thats about it :)

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