30 August 2010

After School_Because Of You

사랑하지 말걸 그랬어
정주지 말걸 그랬어
붙잡지말걸 그랬어
왜 이렇게 나 혼자 아파

I regret giving you my love
I regret getting attached to you
I regret holding you back
Why do I have to face the pain alone?

너 때문에 많이도 울었어
너 때문에 많이도 웃었어
너 때문에 사랑을 믿었어
너 때문에 너 때문에 모두 다 잃었어
정말 답답답해 갑갑갑해 막막막해
너 없는 세상이
내 맘을 씹어놓고
자존심 짓밟아놓고
내 맘을 찢어놓고
왜 나를 떠나가

I cried a lot because of you
I laughed a lot because of you
I believed in the love because of you
I’ve lost everything because of you
I’m speechless, suffocating and lonely
The world without you has
Chewed out my heart
Stomped on my dignity
Torn apart my heart
So why did you leave me behind?

Doesn't relate to me at all - i just REALLY like this song :)

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