24 August 2010

A+?! and unexpected school rant

Ive nearly finished science, just need to do analysis and a proper bibliography (gotta sneak some random books onto there..)

Im proud of what ive done so far, im expecting high in this one. Not exactly A+ like my blog title suggests, but maybe a 35-40/50 sort of thing? I did well. And im happy about it for once. Hope it goes well because i really want to improve my impression in science. Used to HATE science, it was the only class my eyes felt REALLY droopy in, but as soon as biology came in, ive been studying that topic out of school like crazy, reading random scientific books on the real basics, just to prove myself capable.

Now the droopyness has been passed on to maths - my worst subject EVER. I never did good in maths, but i kind of liked it when i knew what i was doing. From year 7, i always was in high average, never standing out. Now its year 9-10 and im getting low average. Still loved maths in year 9, now.. not so much. Im extremely behind because i work at a really slow pace and take my time with the setting out of working (i cant STAND writing out formulas in a messy way because i give up, even if i know the answer). I never concentrate in maths class. I hate the content because theres never nothing NEW - its always getting more advanced in stuff thats basic - again, i HAAAAAAATE it, i love completely new things.

Anyway i didnt expect talking about an assignment would lead to an entire rant on school (boring, i know). Now back to that analysis =="

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