01 August 2010

Chinese School + Jason's Party + Work

Not much to say about chinese school except the fact that i joined again.. I know, it sucks to be me x.x Well An lao shi never came back - we have a completely new teacher now. I kind of like her though. She looks and dresses SO young (maybe she is young?) and accent reminds me of a Taiwanese one. Thank GOODNESS i no longer have to listen to annoying accents from old teachers =.=" She also speaks ENGLISH.

After that I rushed home to get ready to go to Jason's house. Didn't have anything nice to give.. damn.. =/ People that came were: Eliazar, Jason's friend, Jackson's girlfriend, Teresa, Timmy, Teresa's Japanese exchange student and Ella. Hmm.. we ate food, took pictures, heard the Japanese student play piano (her hands flew across the keys. literally. i have vids to prove it.), played card games and thats about it. It was nice to be with everyone in a place i used to call my second home :)

Then there was work. Omgsh, one word - awkward. All I can say is.. wiggins.. and in front of fenny and wesley as well.. ahhh T__T Plus I got bombarded at work with questions about my personal life (since i havent work much since.. that day..). Rina, Wiggins, Pruthu - all three of them.. Pruthu let me in on something that was meant to convey the message, "worse things have happened to me, dont worry emily" but it made me want to cry instead. ahahah XD

Today was eventful, but with all the topics that brought "him" up.. I dont know, I really just want to forget about it but people talking about it made it a little worse. Dont worry, just a little, lol. I was considering posting this up before the "My Lifesong" but yeah I think you get it :L

So excited for tomorrow! Cant wait to see Matt, Travis, Lisa and others, since its been soooo long ^^ And apparently theres a cwalk dance battle? Ahaha i want to feature in it.. hopefully =)

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