09 August 2010


Leaving on a positive note (because i always want to^^) i MIGHT be getting my braces off tomorrow @4pm! weeeeee :D i dread retainers though because i dont want to speak funny again XD but at the same time, i want to choose colours! since i couldnt choose colours for my braces.

Today at work was fun, with richard and sabrina and arifin ^^ its always a good day when one of them is around :) ehehe makes me want to stay at HJ now.. maybe its too late for me to leave.. gotten too attached to family there xD anyway long day with 6hrs work was made good because she taught me a little bit of indo.. one by one my fluency and knowledge will be better and i can start communicating with crew :D

oh yeah also found out that richard has a second job at KFC in easties! omgsh! and when he mentioned he only got 3hours sleep before working again, i wanted to hit my head on the register.. gilaa why work so long for? x.x

hmm hmm.. i also love when this regular customer comes in.. always make my day.. asian father and little boy.. waaaah lucu bangetttt! that boy is soooo cute! ALWAYS needs his ice cream whenever he visits. steve even told me they came once and he was sitting on one of the tables checking finance and stuff, when the little boy came over with his tray and starting staring at him not moving for AGES. then his father came over and starting laughing saying that steve was sitting in his 'usual spot' so steve had to move for the little boy. ahahah too cute, i swear :L

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