29 August 2010

Day One; 1O things you want to say to 1O different people right now.

"When will I be able to see your cute face again?"
"I really wish you could just try to start over, stop throwing insults at her and get to know each other more"
"I'm sorry I ignored your calls and wall posts on facebook. I don't think connect group is working out for me"
"I love you and how you're selfless + all the things you do for others. Never change"
"You surprise me with your amazing courage every. single. time. I wish I was as brave as you"
"Omg, what assignments do we have due this week?!"
"I think you're the only person at work that I've never had an actual conversation with!"
"I'm sorry I ignored you all these past couple of months"
"I hope you didnt read that post I wrote then deleted recently. If you did, I really didnt mean to offend you"

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