30 August 2010

Going to Indo with Richard!

Today at work was really fun because I got to be more comfortable and get to know more of the guys :) Jessica Lay seemed so comfortable around them, i wish i could be as confident as her xD

Richard came 2-4 hours early for work i think? Thats waaaay too early, i reckon .__. He found ways to make me smile or laugh though :) Then he let me keep a drawing of his, with my favourite lyrics, his name and then the date. awwwww made my day! ^^

When he started helping out at front counter we had plans on meeting up when we're both in indo and then we could go places :D omgshhh yay! you dont know how much ive always wanted to travel around with a friend overseas, much less indo XD and i made him take me by motorbike instead of car HAHAHA. aaaaaahh i cant wait until next year when i go indo! :D

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