01 August 2010


Today I went to go see Inception with matt and friends. I never heard about the movie but it was so good! Kind of reminds me of the stuff we learn in philosophy. The movie was about being able to control what happens inside your dream and using it to your advantage by stealing secrets and getting info out of people, from dreams. They even tried entering the world of dreaming of a dream XD they were like in 3 different worlds at the same time, each with time going slower. so complicated and a little confusing but its a really good action, sci-fi thriller. Has leonardo di caprio and joseph gordon-levitt (the cute guy in 10 things i hate about you and 500 days of summer) so i really recommend the movie (y)

After that was the dance battle! We went up to the 'rooftop' in darling harbour where nearly everyone goes nowadays for dance battles. i recognised the place because i remember steph yung and her friends taking pictures there. There were heaps good breakdancers. Travis was proooo :) So many people i didnt know, i was kinda intimidated because they all seemed gangster and cool and everything, so i stuck by justin, the only guy that shared something in common with me - not being able to dance xD

Today was worth it :D
and now i have to do my two parts of pdhpe.. ^^"