09 August 2010

Milk Carton In A Bottle ~

i JUST realised i have a photo of the thing i spent $12 on something i really wanted but didnt get! i unconsciously took photos off the internet because it was cute but little did i know it was the exact same thing i wanted so bad at the crane machines in prize paradize :O

This picture is a LITTLE different though, because its on a pen, but besides that, take the milk tofu off and place it in a milk bottle, and its EXACTLY what i wanted! omfg if ANYONE wins that for me, i'll give them something special.. i dont know what it is yet, but i'll think about it on the way XD i reallyreallyreally want one! better yet, get me the whole set (chocolate, strawberry, mint and orange) and i'll give you ANYTHING. except.. *ahem*.. stuff considered expensive. against my faith. etcetcetc. XD

oh and another one i found just then ^^

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