05 August 2010


Should I go? But if I do, who with? Matt's group or with Courtney?
Hmm.. who was I with last time anyway? I totally forgot, someone remind me o__o
*5 seconds later*
I remember now! Jessica and adrian, albert and felix :O
Its funny because it was a group that i didnt know well, but still had good memories with ^^
Hmmmmm.. now the hard decision =/
I want to go with both.. but I cant, and even if I did manage to put them both together, it would be awkward because both groups dont know each other x.x
Well the cool thing is that travis is participating in the rice dance! And i also heard through facebook that gwen is as well? This years' should be really interesting then :D
Ah.. then back to the reality - which group?
I want to go with courtney because it would be good to experience it with someone new, plus shes just plain awesome :) But in cases of who im familiar with, I'm comfortable hanging with matt's group because I know nearly everyone..

When is this anyway..?

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