05 August 2010

Same Anniversary?

I was looking through my computer documents on my PC because I needed to find my resume to transfer to mac, then i saw a document that id normally title if it was to remember an anniversary of someone who was my boyfriend. Okay, i'll be straightforward here, it was my anniversary with Tingwu. The date read this:

5 days to go

my first reaction was: WOAH. The 27th? Same as ex boyfriend's anniversary, which is.. 27.06.10 I think. But then I look down further and saw that there was 5 days to go before this date, and before it fell apart. Also similar to how my more recent relationship turned out.

Now im beginning to wonder the anniversary for my first boyfriend and my ex ex.. could they be the 27th as well? I dont remember the date but probably not.. It would be strange if it was, though XD

Yeah, I know I'm just trying to find an excuse to be a little superstitious or to think it was no coincidence.. dont mind me x.x

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