12 August 2010

S.H.E Concert and RiceRally :D

Okay, got something interesting to talk about! I was about to post a entry saying im open to suggestions on what you want me to talk about, but i think i have something now :)

Firstly.. Im going S.H.E CONCERT!! My first concert ever! Im soooo geed and i love connie for buying tickets with good seats ;) I was really surprised at how my mum responded actually. She used to object to me going to celebrity concerts, because of her faith. But now she seems fine with it, praise God! :D Or maybe because I told her I'd actually pay for the tickets.. maybe thats why -__-" oh well, regardless I can go, and thats all that matters! :D Syd Ent Centre here i come ^^

The whole thing about ricerally too - im going! ^^ with courtney fong, matt and maybe gary + all their friends. I have a good feeling that being able to share a Godly experience with different friends will be a really interesting turnout for me - and i have no doubt that it will be just as impacting.. hehe ^^

Okay last part.. also main one which i find strange, but its a completely diff topic so I'll just blog again :P

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