09 August 2010

Should I?

This is a stupid question - of course I should.. but if im ready or not is the question.
Okay so "he" seems to be in a pretty crap mood recently.. and i THINK i feel like im ready to be his friend again.. so should i start off by showing i care? But then again i dont know if im ready.. i mean if i start talking to him again, and the first thing i do is show that i care, im scared i might fall for him again, and the pain will be too strong because i know he wont be mine again no matter how hard i try. i mean he had his reason to leave me right? if i try to win him back ofc it wouldnt happen because of same reason.. otherwise we still be together.. right.. right? uwaa im too scared to talk to him again, see him again, or anything related to him x.x

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