12 September 2010

The big question

Today you asked me.. "why do you love me?"
Honestly, I struggled with that question for a while. It kind of played around on my mind - its a difficult question because theres so many reasons why, but i dont know which reason stood out the most. Is it your ability to make me smile? To make me a better person? No, those are all reasons that benefit only me. What about you? What is it uniquely about you? I cant really answer that. But this leads me to one answer: you're all about people. You are really caring, friendly, compassionate and a 'loving life' kind of person. The kind of relationship you have with God and people is really what attracts me to you. No kidding, I'm not trying to flatter you just because I talk about Him. To be with someone so God-driven.. you've definitely got me interested. I want you in my life.

Hope this answered your question, love :)

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