26 September 2010

Christmas Holidays

So it turns out I'm going back to Indonesia next holidays, instead of my usual 'once-every-two-years' thing. Dont know if im going next year or not, but I kind of dont want to go this year. For one, I will have to leave my boyfriend behind for Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations :( I was so looking forward to spending time with him on those two days.. Not mention, I dont like the thought of having to spend hot days with mosquitos, having to wear very modest clothes. Then the trip to Purwokerto.. Have to spend 7-8 hours on the train -__- Did I also mention, staying at my cousin's house would be very awkward? Tante, Adit and Andre might not even talk much because of what happened recently.. and to think that everyone except my dad seems to be intruding on their hospitality at this certain time =/

On the positive side, my anticipation to go is gradually rising because I get to see my cousins, go shopping a little, and feel like a tourist all over again, going crazy over food, ads and those weird dramas on TV, and going shopping in Indonesian malls (i know, i AM weird).

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