23 September 2010

Day 10; Discuss your first love and first kiss

This post is so embarrassing -__-"

Hmm.. my first love would probably be Tingwu? I had a hard time coping when we broke up and it took me over a year to get over it. I kept on claiming I moved on, but his constant statuses on other girls just brought about being annoyed and angry at him. This was back in 2008 I think? I learnt soooo much from the relationship though. At that time I was a really clingy person, and always dressed like a street dancer. Like, never feminine. We always had study dates and spent most weekdays in the afternoon at the library. We only went out once to watch a movie and I had to go home straight away. We never kissed? Oh, and I dont think we even held hands. Ever .___. We were together for nearly 2 months, but it ended a few days before our anniversary. I couldnt stand to leave him before 2 months. I could tell something was wrong a few days before we ended. I remember he had work experience near my house and we talked for what seemed like an hour. When he left to go back inside, he didnt say a proper goodbye, so i knew something was wrong. Anyway.. in the end he said he would rather be my friend, and plus he had studies to concentrate on. Hmm.. thats about it I think ^^ Nowadays we're friends and talk normally. I dont feel uncomfortable talking to him anymore so its all good :)

My first kiss was quite recent and it was with my ex. It was really awkward and it didnt last long. It was short but nice. But so 'out of time' if you get what I mean? We kinda.. didnt kiss at the same time. That was my first and last kiss with him ever.

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