15 September 2010

Day 3; Your views on drugs and alcohol

I always refer to these two things as 'artificial happiness'.
Pretty self explanatory, eventually people live on these things and resort to them whenever they feel depressed or unhappy. Dont take the easy way out, guys.

My views? Hmm.. its hard. Im not against alcohol in moderate amounts and on special occasions - thats okay. Drugs are something i never want to encounter in my life. If being on drugs was like the feeling I got from strobe lights at my friday night youth, then omgsh. DEFINITELY not drugs. You dont know how dizzy I got from them. Everyone didnt seem real because all i could see was the 'lagged' motion. My head was hurting, I wanted to close my eyes. It was horrible. I bet thats what drugs feel like.

Anyhow, Im against drugs. Semi-against alcohol, depending on the situation.

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