16 September 2010

Day 4; Your views on religion

First of all, I dont really like the word religion, faith is better ^^
Im a Pentecostal Christian, but I respect all those ancient philosophers such as Confucius and Budda - they have a great view on life, but you know, sometimes their belief clashes with mines. My God is what I live for, without Him, I wouldnt have a purpose in life, or have hope for the future. He's what stops me from hurting certain people, doing certain wrong things and all that. He is what makes me a better person. He there for me, when I need Him most, whenever I am lonely or think I am alone in this world, I just turn to Him.

What I think is that religion shouldn't be compulsory 'subject' in schools because students take it the wrong way and think they are 'brainwashed' or 'forced' into religion. I like how theres the subject, 'studies of religion' though, where you get to explore all different faiths :) I understand sometimes we're forced into believing something from our parents, because they believe it is the best for us, and they dont want our lives to turn bad or anything. But we should be free to choose for ourselves. Also, people are always misinterpreting religions and faiths. We need to be more open about it.

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