18 September 2010

Day 6; 30 interesting facts about yourself

1. Chinese blood, Indonesian background
2. Can only speak English fluently
3. Ive been to Indonesia, New Zealand, Melbourne, Canberra, Thailand
4. First guy I liked was in year 2 and the guy was 3 years above me?
5. Travel sick easily (except for planes + trains)
6. Very easy to influence and change the view of
7. Underweight and unhappy, but can only dream of having the motivation to gain weight
8. Left eye: -4.25 and right eye: -4.oo
9. Scared of mosquitos that cant be seen at night, but can be heard
10. Can become full just from a cup of drink
11. Has spend literally a whole day on the computer countless times
12. Absolutely hates durian (both smell and taste)
13. Doesnt remember dates easily
14. Washes her hair once every two days
15. Maths is my worst and most hated subject right now
16. I have gone to $500 on my phone bill once
17. Can be quite spoilt
18. Buying new clothes boosts my self esteem
19. I have highlights in my hair
20. Has been in more than 4 relationships
21. Sometimes feels uncomfortable at church
22. Always leaves homework and assignments to the last minute
23. Has made 600+ paper cranes. Maybe 1000, but I always give jars of them away, so it subtracts.
24. Is an Australian/Indonesian citizen
25. Still counts on her fingers
26. Socially awkward
27. Loses balance just from standing on a flat surface
28. Gives up easily
29. Karate yellow belt 2
30. Has had 3 pet rabbits, 3 siamese fighting fish, 3 hermit crabs

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