03 September 2010

Day Six; 5 people who mean a lot (in no order)

Unfortunately I cant answer that.
Every. single. person.
means so much to me, in different ways
It should look like this:

1. School friends: Selena, Connie, Kirsty, Liyisa, Joy, Janice, Evie, Jeremie, Amanda, Lady, Mim, Selina, Doris, Claudia, Courtney

2. Church friends: Roxy, Alyssa, Jo-Anne, Rachel, Leah, Sunny, JoJo, Tayla, Hope

3. Work friends: Sabrina, Jessica L, Jessica D, Jessica W, Ella, Juni, Amadea, Richard, Wesley, Wiggin, Arifin, Adam, Bhoj

4. DIGJC youth friends: Matt, Travis, Jacky, Lisa, Lily, Dania

5. SBHS basketball friends: Tim, Angus, David, Raymond

and if ive missed anyone, im dead :)

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