05 September 2010

A reblog of a private post from my tumblr :)


I love..

How you waited 1 hour and 15 minutes for me during work

How you said you would cook for me

How you pulled me close to you

..And how you guided my hand around your waist

How you offered me your clothes when I was cold

How you showed me on your phone that you would could know whenever I was online

How you didnt fail to show your affections through actions.. and didn’t care that I seemed uncomfortable with it, or attempted to move away from it

How you told me you missed your family overseas

How you listened to my favourite song with me

How you kissed me indirectly

How you walked me home in the rain

How you kept me warm

How you wanted to catch a bus with me instead of drive me home

How you walked me to the corner, put your hand against the wall behind me, looked me straight in the eye and asked me to be your girlfriend

How you think our 4 year age difference doesnt matter

How I listed nearly ALL my weaknesses and faults, and you didnt seem to care

How I rejected you but you seemed to understand and still managed to smile

And even on Monday..

How you drew for me over and over again

How you managed to make me laugh and smile

How you made plans for us to meet overseas

How you really wanted to hear my voice, even if you knew I hated calling

How you texted me all throughout the afternoon, into the night, late night and early morning

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