14 September 2010

You know what?

My thoughts for you, should only be for you. Its true I want to share with the whole wide world that you're special. But there are times when I wish I could speak those words to you, and only you. Because out there, there are people that will use my words, manipulate it and turn it against us. Like for example, "do you really know what forever means?" Girl, all we know is that it is only God that is the Alpha and the Omega. Beginning and the end. Really, to be honest, if theres an end, theres no forever is there? Would be nice to know what forever feels like though.

From this moment on, thats it. I think ive let everyone in on us. And now, from this time on, its only for us, between us. I say, make a private blog for those time we cant speak what we want to say? :)

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