23 October 2010

3 More Days

I cant believe its so soon. Ive been so occupied with school work, hanging out with friends and all that, that I didnt realise I would turn 16 in less than a week. When I was young, I used to count down a whole month to my birthday but not this time XD

Not to mention this birthday will be very.. um.. stressful. Ive probably got no time to celebrate because I have 2 exams and an assignment due, and coincidentally, they're placed to be due day after day after my birthday -__- i.e. I'll be studying hardcore on my birthday.. greaaaat :(

Hmm.. in terms of presents, I dont really want anything specific.. I did originally want a Country Road bag but I really dont mind anything because there's nothing top priority for me.

Today my mum and I negotiated at the 3 store in Kingsford and I can actually upgrade my phone to Blackberry without waiting 2 months for my contract to end :D we're going to get it on wednesday. But that means im getting a Blackberry Curve, not the Storm touch that i really wanted =/ oh well.

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