22 October 2010

そばにいるね I'm By Your Side

Even now, I continue to think of you
No matter how much we move,
I'm by your side baby, always
Regardless of how we are separated, you are in my heart
But, being without you is so lonely
So baby please, just hurry back home

Baby boy, I'm right here and I'm not going to leave
You know that I love you, so you don't have to worry
No matter the distance,
this heart is not going to change
Don't you understand what I'm saying?
I am waiting for you

Although we can't return the time that has passed,
You are still here for me, and dear to me
Although I understand that the distance with you is so far and that you are so busy,
Sometimes I wanted to run away
But whether my eyes were opened, or I was sleeping,
I wasn't able to leave you
When I remembered you, I cried

Inside that album, I obtain all my memories
Day after day, I see it and, for a moment, I feel your love
And now I continue to wait for your call
And you call my cell phone at the last moment before I fall asleep
(I want to hold you and be with you)
I won't go anywhere, I'm right here
But I want hope to be with you
Hey, you understand, right?
I am waiting

- 青山 テルマ

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