14 October 2010

*Jumping up and down in excitement* :D

So on June 2010, I wrote a letter to the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy saying that it would be nice if they performed in Sydney, Australia sometime, because I'm a fan of the music and the whole orchestra and it inspires me and all that. I checked all the concert dates and from what ive seen, they only perform around Japan and America =/

And today I checked my inbox and found a response from them from last month! :D and.. THEY'RE PERFORMING IN SYDNEY NEXT YEAR!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHH I AM SO HAPPY! :D and apparently Nobuo Uematsu is going to attend it as well!!

I went to try get seating arrangements and you can literally choose where you want to sit out of the hundreds of seats available :L The ones that were coloured meant they were already taken and.. wow, a lot of them are already taken O.o

anyway.. im sooooooo going XD Maybe I'll get the good tickets like the A reserve or B reserve one at $70-$99 range. Cheapest one is Reserve C at $35 but nah, I want good seats :P

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