08 October 2010

New phone on my birthday

Every 2 years is when i normally get a new phone, and so today, a new phone was the main topic of the conversation with my mum today.

At first i had 3 choices - LG mini, Nokia X6 and Nokia N97 mini. yup, i somehow gave up on the LG new chocolate slide. and i had to stick to a $29 cap anyway. then came the blackberry bold which i really wanted, but it was on the $39 cap. i had to resort to the blackberry curve which didnt look as nice, but i wanted more than the other 3 phones i mentioned.. and lastly, came the blackberry storm 9700 - on the $29 cap + touchscreen. the difference was that it was the older version released in 2008 i think? no wonder its so cheap now. the blackberry storm 2 would be much better because its the latest version, but umm.. you know.. its expensive. haha

so anyway, blackberry storm 1 it is :D

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