17 October 2010


..what ive been waiting for.

Today I came home to find a weight scale in my room that I asked my mum to buy today. My weight is..


And my BMI is 17.0 (Height = 157cm)
Underweight = >18.5
Not too bad.. I only seem slightly underweight right? ^^

I dont know why, but I kept messing with the accuracy by trying to get the starting point EXACTLY at zero, but its really hard. If you see it from different views and angles.. you get different results.. -__-

Well anyway, if im really determined to do the blood drive, i need to gain at least 6-8kg in about a month or less. Is that possible? Today I couldnt even finish half a plate of combination chow mein. This aim is waaaay more harder than i thought.

Im going to start by just eating what I normally eat everyday, and constantly check my weight to see if im losing weight, staying the same, or gaining weight. If im gaining weight then yay! i just continue eating what i usually eat then ^^

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