18 October 2010


At work some fight came on about this asian couple having a pet with them while they were eating and some cheeky random decided to make a big scene out of it and cause trouble and all that. In the end wawan had to politely tell them to leave because they weren't allowed pets. That random guy pushed it too far when he got what he wanted (the couple to leave) and from what i heard from Adam, attempted to put ketchup all over the dog but it ended up on the guy i think. It was pretty big, there was a lot of shoving, trying to get at each other and shouting and wawan had to try get between them and that. I gotta admit, the girl was just as tough, forceful and angry as the guy was. It really scared me that day, but yeah, you know. The general rule is that pets arent allowed in places where people eat, so I guess that random did have a point to prove. But yeah.. still.. a little shaken about it all

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