18 November 2010

I want to destroy my online life (specifically my phone)

What I really want to do is throw my phone onto the wall. Im so freaking tired of waiting. The phone has made me go depressed on my side of the relationship. We barely see each other, compared to when we used to see each other everyday. Maybe we both have resorted to texting each other to keep each other company instead of actually SEEING each other. Because of my phone, i get depressed every time i get short replies, long-time-to-reply replies, no i-love-you return replies or.. no reply at ALL. it really makes me sad. Im so glad hes different in real life.


  1. i actually wish.. we didnt have that sort of communication because we rely on it so much and then we overthink on what the reply means or says. but then if we didnt, i wouldn't have met him after 6 years :/ *sighs* online life is such a pain.