06 November 2010

Meeting the parents

Hillsong Live Album Recording tomorrow :D The posters on it, are all around Kingsford on telephone poles - I never knew they wanted to promote it like that :L

Speaking of it, Richard is going with me and my mum. Nervous? Definitely. But its good for my parents (well, my mum at least..) to get to know my partner to the formal beforehand ^^ First time ive ever had my boyfriend meet one of my parents. Dont really know what to expect, but its my mum, and we had a conversation about this before so.. it should be okay-ish? :) Maybe a little awkward though.. haha.

My dad brought up the topic of my formal partner last night.. didnt turn out good, as I expected. I think most fathers all like that - scared of their daughter getting to know the 'opposite sex' and always concerned about the kinds of things we do with them - even hugging causes my dad to give me this full-blown lecture.. but I guess thats life. When the time comes, I pray my dad eventually approves of me having a boyfriend XD

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