26 November 2010

Senior Year

Today was my last day of being a junior, next year will be my final last two years of high school as a senior :) Basically had a graduation mass and my mum came! she made my day because she said she'd try her hardest to come. I love you :) Cant believe im on holidays now, it seemed too fast :O this is my last holidays ever. next year is study, study, study and much less going out and definitely less socialising.

Today I bought my formal shoes - they look nice, and they dont even feel like heels, but its so uncomfortable, even just putting it on, because its crammed a little in the front =/ my mum seemed really determined to buy it though, seeing as my semi-formal is just 4 days away. and seeing as i really couldnt be bothered searching again for shoes on sunday, i agreed to it.

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