12 November 2010

Work is so unfair T___T

So tomorrow is Evie's semi-formal party and originally i couldnt go because i had work from 6-10pm but then my friend asked if she could get a lift to the party, because she has no other way.
I feel bad because:
1. Its my friends bday party
2. If i dont go, my friend wont be able to go

This afternoon i went to cancel my shift, and my manager was there so she wasnt exactly the perfect person to ask if i can cancel my shift, because as i expected, she pressures me by giving me that suspicious tone, and also asked me to replace it with another shift - and it ALWAYS happens to be a really unreasonable shift, and i cant say no :( and this 'unreasonable' shift happens to be on a sunday (a holy day) and 2-10pm!! ive NEVER worked 2-10 (7.5 hours) so im pretty much going to collapse from exhaustion on that day x.x
I go outside with the roster and start signing all my shifts and i notice on saturday, someone has already replaced me!! AHHH all that excuse for nothing :( if i just came to say i wanted to check my shifts, i couldve said no to that sunday shift D: anyway, i decided to work all of next week from monday to thursday. and on saturday..

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