20 December 2010

Goodbye, Sydney

Heading to the airport tomorrow at around 8am I think? And should be boarding the plane.. 11am.. according to my dad. I took advantage of my last days here and went to a christmas party with friends. I had the best time ever and there were a total of 15 people attending, so it felt really good to be with all my friends ^^ Then on Sunday I spent a whole day with my boyfriend and at the end of the day, there was a tearful goodbye for a month.. well on my side. hahahaha.

I want to wish everyone an early Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Never forget that Christmas is a day dedicated to the birth of Christ, and that it's a day of giving to others :) I hope you all round off 2010 on a great note - 2010 only comes by once, then its gone, so take advantage of the rest of the year while its still there! :) Im sorry I couldn't say it to all of you individually, but hopefully I'll be able to say this again on the actual day, if i have access to the internet XD

Oh and if you have any requests on what you want from Indonesia, dont hesitate :) So far I've only gotten a request from Selena and Richard =/ I'll just get whatever anyway. haha.

So a little overview on where I'm heading to, this holidays:
- Jakarta
- Bandung
- Purwokerto
- Bali (for the first time) :D

And.. things I'm looking forward to
- being on an aeroplane
- mancing (fishing)
- riding a motorbike/electric scooter
- shopping
- eating out :D
- celebrating christmas and going to church
- NYE fireworks and celebrations
- taking heaps of photos

Not so looking forward to:
- sleeping on the plane
- not being able to understand any conversations without difficulty
- having to always hang around the adults. ALWAYS
- seeing my cousins and auntie without my uncle :'(
- attending his funeral
- the humidity
- having to dress modestly, even if its extremely hot (in respect to the Muslim faith)
- 'roaming' on my phone, hence still being able to use it, but at an expensive charge -.-
- traveling long distance by car (due to my motion sickness)
- the MOSQUITOS :( :(
- getting stomach aches

09 December 2010

Why do we close our eyes when we pray? When we cry? When we dream? Or when we kiss?

Because we know that the most beautiful things in life are not seen, but felt by the heart..

Choose You - Stan Walker

When love starts off, its all peachy
I love you, you love me seems easy
Its like a walk in the park
But the picture of love some try to paint
Its a contrast to the real landscape
But I promise to give you my heart

Some people think that love is just a feeling
So they fall out of love as quickly as they fell in
Some people think that love is just a game
But they the one ones who always seem to end up getting played
Though everything around might change
One thing will still remain..

I will choose to love you
Even though I wanna to stay mad
Even though I wanna get angry
Though it may be easier to walk away
I will choose to stay
I choose you everyday


When I have time, I really want to sign up to use blackberry internet service :D i saw an ad in the phone magazines saying its only $10 a month! im sooo motivated to sign up to it, since its so cheap, plus its unlimited ;D but yeah, im not sure about it because i didnt read the full terms and conditions and you know, it kinda seems to good to be true.. plus it will be the first contract i sign up to, so im still kinda.. deciding. =/

NTS: Ridwan has my hat

Today I worked for 7.5 hours - my longest shift ever XD

I really liked the crew I worked with today because without them, it would be tiring and boring. Especially Ridwan :) He reminds me of.. me. Hes always laughing at everything, and today he was singing and it made me laugh too XD And before I left, Arifin was also singing in indo. looool. i feel like hes my brother already because im so comfortable around him and i can tease him anytime i want :P

I made friends with Ben because we had a break at the same time. Hes nice and friendly :) Didnt have much of a chance to talk with Andri though, but he did talk to me in indo.. thankfully i understood parts of what he said, so i didnt say anything wrong.. hopefully XD

I really liked working with Adeline and especially Noriani too :)

06 December 2010


On this day, I bought a song..
for the first time on iTunes.. it felt good actually, but its expensive - $2.19? At first I thought they were only $1 O.o

Anyway.. the song is actually called For the First Time, by The Script, which is really ironic, because i just said 'for the first time' in my previous sentence.. yeah okay i'll stop now -.-"

05 December 2010

First iTunes Card?

Is it just me, or is it getting harder to download music off the internet.. you know.. the more 'common' way? Limewire is under court and most stuff on mediafire, rapidshare etc have been removed. Anyway tomorrow im off to buy my first ever iTunes card.. im kind of excited for it actually, the songs are going to be complete with album artwork and everything :)

02 December 2010


When I came home from work last night, water leaked into our fuse box and something exploded? Now we have no electricity and Im depending on my last 7% of my laptop to entertain me, when really i could be reading my book. Last night was also a bad time to have gone to work with my phone on 2 bars of power left - the only time i allowed my phone to be on such low battery while i was out. My dad went out today to buy lunch for himself and me, because we cant heat food. I need to wash my hair today, but i cant use the hairdryer. Well this electrician from energy australia just came, and im hoping he'll be able to fix it soon, at least in the next hour or so :(

01 December 2010


NOTE: I seriously did not realise i wrote THIS much, until i posted it and viewed my blog D: so read this 'recount' at your own risk XD

Dresses and suits, food and dancing - hmmm.. well seeing as it was a social event and everyone knows im not very social, it wasnt exactly the best turnout for me XD

I was the first out of my group to arrive at the hotel closely followed by selina, janice and tim. My partner was already there waiting in the lobby but i was still outside when they came, so i stuck with them for 5 mins or so before hesitantly walking in and finding him.. i was scared - would he look good? he told me he would only be wearing a white shirt, and black pants and shoes (from work..) at first when he told me ages ago.. my reaction was.. bad, i have to admit. but i stuck up to it and accepted the fact, thinking it was okay. when he told me he wouldnt be wearing a jacket though, that kinda concerned me a little, because every guy would be wearing one. So.. when i walked in the lobby, he was there and, oh my gosh. i was so surprised. he looked really really good! was wearing a grey shirt instead (because he asked me to choose between purple to match me, or dark grey). it looked completely opposite to what i thought it would look like. at first i thought, 'are those pants and shoes really from work?' well guess what? they werent.

A little background history, my partner had been keeping a secret from me for a month or so. hed always be like, "im in the city doing the secret" or "im paying off the secret" or "i just did the secret in front of your eyes" and you know, id always frustrate me because i was so curious. well he told me that he would eventually tell me on the night of my formal. i came up with many resolutions to what the secret was. they were things like him going overseas forever by the end of this year, him being with another girl, or him buying my late birthday present. and what was the secret? for the whole month, he had been looking for a suit to wear to my semi-formal. that secret to me.. made me so unbelievably happy. was he really willing to do all that just for me? now thinking that he worked long hours and put so much time, money and effort into searching for what to wear, just for me.. he even had to lie to me to hide that secret, but gosh, that was such a good lie. i totally fell for it.

Back to meeting him at the lobby, i gave him the corsage so he could give it to me. that was all i wanted him to do. it didnt matter that we both shared in the cost of it, that i had to pick it up and have it first (and the fact the box was clear!! ==" in the end i had to give in to temptation and look at it). the act of him putting the corsage on my wrist was what made me really happy :) janice was recording us.. i think. hope she doesnt put it up on the internet, but her reading this, she probably would be more motivated to put it up. haha.....

Food? It was so.. umm.. well the presentation looked nice.. but it was all too fancy. the menu.. there were sooo many long complicated words, i got lost. the only thing that tasted normal was the chicken.. the beef was so weird. especially the beef for the entree. it had the texture of salmon D: the beef for main looked good but i reluctantly swapped with selena for chicken. was glad i did, it tasted okay. the beef looked rare when i saw the inside was red. as to how rare it was, dunno. looked pretty rare. haha. the cake for dessert was reallyyyy good. x)

Dancing. dont want to go there. i DONT dance =/ dancing was the main activity actually, which was a major dislike for me. i did look forward to slow dancing though. and being one of joy's many slow dance partners XD well guess what? it didnt happen :( the DJ was okay, he put on good songs but at times the techniques used made the song sound like it was disfunctioning. you know, when it freezes up and repeats the same 1 second of the song over and over again? he prob did that on purpose? but it sounded like it went for too long, that i actually wondered if it actually wasnt on purpose.

It seems like my night is going down with each paragraph right? well i would talk about how i didnt like the photos either, but nah :L instead i'll talk about being with the person i love the most - my boyfriend :) we did take heaps of photos together (in fact my mum's camera only has photos of us.. oh, and food.. awkward.. because my mum went through them an hour ago). we had a professional photo together as well. but i look bad, and he looks good :(

When the night ended i couldnt say a proper thankyou and goodbye to the others and especially my partner. i wish i couldve, but my dad had to come pick me up, and a hug and kiss wouldve made him go uneasy.. my dad actually offered him a ride though, and i wish he couldve accepted because taxis are expensive and i wanted to be with him a while longer.. AND i wanted him to get to know my dad more. but oh well.

In terms of being with my boyfriend at a semi-formal, it was the best night ever. I was so happy being him. I laughed a lot with him, danced, took photos, found out he wanted to look his best for me. That was enough to make my day. Well, night actually. Without him, i would be like i always am - just listening to conversations, trying to blend in with the crowd. I would feel so anti-social, like i always am. haha. Having someone who set his attention on me in a crowd full of beautifully dressed people.. is one of the best feelings ever <3