20 December 2010

Goodbye, Sydney

Heading to the airport tomorrow at around 8am I think? And should be boarding the plane.. 11am.. according to my dad. I took advantage of my last days here and went to a christmas party with friends. I had the best time ever and there were a total of 15 people attending, so it felt really good to be with all my friends ^^ Then on Sunday I spent a whole day with my boyfriend and at the end of the day, there was a tearful goodbye for a month.. well on my side. hahahaha.

I want to wish everyone an early Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Never forget that Christmas is a day dedicated to the birth of Christ, and that it's a day of giving to others :) I hope you all round off 2010 on a great note - 2010 only comes by once, then its gone, so take advantage of the rest of the year while its still there! :) Im sorry I couldn't say it to all of you individually, but hopefully I'll be able to say this again on the actual day, if i have access to the internet XD

Oh and if you have any requests on what you want from Indonesia, dont hesitate :) So far I've only gotten a request from Selena and Richard =/ I'll just get whatever anyway. haha.

So a little overview on where I'm heading to, this holidays:
- Jakarta
- Bandung
- Purwokerto
- Bali (for the first time) :D

And.. things I'm looking forward to
- being on an aeroplane
- mancing (fishing)
- riding a motorbike/electric scooter
- shopping
- eating out :D
- celebrating christmas and going to church
- NYE fireworks and celebrations
- taking heaps of photos

Not so looking forward to:
- sleeping on the plane
- not being able to understand any conversations without difficulty
- having to always hang around the adults. ALWAYS
- seeing my cousins and auntie without my uncle :'(
- attending his funeral
- the humidity
- having to dress modestly, even if its extremely hot (in respect to the Muslim faith)
- 'roaming' on my phone, hence still being able to use it, but at an expensive charge -.-
- traveling long distance by car (due to my motion sickness)
- the MOSQUITOS :( :(
- getting stomach aches

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