09 December 2010

NTS: Ridwan has my hat

Today I worked for 7.5 hours - my longest shift ever XD

I really liked the crew I worked with today because without them, it would be tiring and boring. Especially Ridwan :) He reminds me of.. me. Hes always laughing at everything, and today he was singing and it made me laugh too XD And before I left, Arifin was also singing in indo. looool. i feel like hes my brother already because im so comfortable around him and i can tease him anytime i want :P

I made friends with Ben because we had a break at the same time. Hes nice and friendly :) Didnt have much of a chance to talk with Andri though, but he did talk to me in indo.. thankfully i understood parts of what he said, so i didnt say anything wrong.. hopefully XD

I really liked working with Adeline and especially Noriani too :)

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