26 January 2011

Australia Day Shopping

I felt girly / floral today so I went out with my mum to buy some clothes. Which is weird, because we're still shopping even if we came from Indo. My mum says its because the clothes there werent nice. Good point. Any to reason to shop right? Plus I KINDA needed the retail therapy.. if you get what I mean ;)

I got this white summer dress with silver prints on it, a singlet with floral loose frills on it, and this baby pink / peach semi-formal dress from forcast :) Expensive, but I gotta say, the formal wear there is REALLY good. There were at least 5 dresses that I liked - of course, they were all in the same colour though.. maybe thats the only reason why -__-"

Im happy, definitely happy. For now. Haha.
And afterwards we went to eat @ Pepper Lunch. It was my second time there I think? I stayed safe and ordered the same thing that I had last time :p brings back memories.. but meh.

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