19 January 2011

Far out..

now every song reminds us of what we used to be..
thats the reason im so sick of love songs, so tired of tears.. but why cant i turn off the radio? :(

For some stupid reason.. yup.. i downloaded a sad love song.. Where'd You Go by Fort Minor. I had this song ages ago but I deleted it because it has bad language in it.. and now its back on my iPod because it got stuck in my head after hearing it over and over on the radio in indonesia.. and now the lyrics arent helping me get over this.. such a sad song x.x

"It" still hasnt happened yet, because i want him to say those harsh words in real life (better than an online breakup). so im still in a relationship for now.. well not really if you think about it.. sigh.. i want to get it over and done with, but at the same time I want to avoid the day that he will say those words.. and at the same time, i dont want him to say them at all.. but as said before, its for the best.. sigh.. i gotta respect that. he still loves me. i still love him. its really hurt for both of us.. sigh, look at me now, im crying while writing these words.. what happened to being optimistic? haha.. XD i guess its all starting to come out now.. but i need to stay strong ^^" hey, he had no choice right? thank goodness it wasnt 'parting ways' because of him loosing feelings or finding another girl.. -sniffs- im greatful for what i have.. thanks God, for letting me experience true love at the very least.. :)

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