29 January 2011

Liyisa's Bday Party

I had the best time there! It was the best way to end the summer holidays, and guess what? I ended up getting sunburnt.. hope this results in a tan :) :)

Basically summed up in points:
Dress ups. Centennial park. Hot sun. Cool shade. Hugs. SLR cameras. Guitar. Singing. Memories. Soccer. Pinata. Egg races. WATER GUN FIGHTS. Summer dresses. Presents. Rainbow cake. Laughter. Friends. Basketball. Card games. Dominos.

It really felt like summer on that day. Thanks Liyisa, for the awesome party that I'll never forget. HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUU LOVELY!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my god ! i got sunburnt too ! and i didnt even realise until i got home !!

    and omg... it's horrible ! because i've already got a short tan from last year i havnt gotten rid of ! and now i have sleeve tans too ! IT'S HORRIBLE !!!