13 January 2011

My adventure so far..

So a lot of you have been asking how its going in Indonesia. Honestly? Well its half half. Purwokerto was pretty awesome for a while because we had the usual big family gathering, and it makes me all happy :)the disappointment was that people started leaving halfway.. and thats never happened before.. so i experienced a kind of loneliness for the first time XD I didn't get to talk to my cousin, Andre, as much and I also couldnt go with him to the nye party with his friends, but thats okay, theres always next time ^^ My other cousin Adit has changed quite a lot - both in appearance and personality. He smiles at me more and it makes me think that hes more comfortable around me, which is good, no more complete awkwardness x) Okay, umm.. next was Bandung. Last time I went there was around 8 years ago? Anyway. It. was. the. BEST. At first I was really hesitant because I remember my last visit wasnt as pleasant, but how wrong I was. Bandung is even more modern than Jakarta, and the architecture is amazing. But my absolute highlight? Finally getting to know my cousin, Bella, who got the courage to practise her english with me :D Before that, we NEVER talked, so it was really awkward and I felt really uncomfortable, because besides that, she was.. really pretty. You could say I was intimidated XD and now? shes one of the most down to earth people and I really look up to her. Her way of thinking is.. wow. She really has a will to study and all that. Hmm.. on one of my last days there, she invited me to her church. Amazingly, it was just like Hillsong. But better ;D it wasnt completely fancy, but I really liked it better that way. Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming. I guess that was because I was from overseas and couldnt speak indo XD It was really amusing when people came up to me and attempted to speak English =) Well I made many new friends on that day. Hmm.. where do I stand now? Its back to Jakarta, where its not so great.. no cousins, hot weather, long distance to decent shopping malls.. where do I stop? haha. Well thats my holiday summed up in a blog =)Hope you all are enjoying your holidays - wish I was there XD

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