19 January 2011

Super Late Goals T__T

Kill me if you want, but my christmas and nye wasnt as organised and exciting as it probably would have been, therefore I kind of never set goals for this new year.. yes, I know, shame on me -.-"

So this may feel kind of rushed, but here is my rough goals - procrastination is not one of them, because that goal, as I learnt, is virtually impossible for me.. dear God, please help me throw away this annoying habit =="

1. Stay single for this year + be HAPPY that I am!
yes, sooner than you think, me and him will be parting ways because.. well it really is for the best. It's good that were not parting because we don't love each other anymore, but because its for the best (he's going back to Indo for good). sigh. maybe i'll post about it later. well im basically saying it all here, arent i? hahaha XD but you won't see me depressed (as much, hopefully) because I'm trying super super SUPER hard to be strong and keep optimistic thoughts in my head.. its working so far.. XD its for a reason too, I want to show him that I'll be waiting for him with open arms when the time comes that he will be finished with studies and allowed to have a girlfriend again :) which will be years, I know. but i have hope. and hope is what motivates me to smile for what might and could happen ;) being a depressed girl will only make him less likely to want to be with me again, know what i mean? ^^ I'll give him a reason to come back.. hehe..

2. Soak in the Indonesian culture
Yup, this year I'm leaving my 3 years of chinese school for indoooo ;D it will help me soooo much - talking with family and relatives, the annual visit to the tropical country itself, and making connections with more indos :) but studying a language comes with practise. I'm exceptionally horrible with oral. I'm always too shy to practise my languages, because I know I will sound.. crap.. to begin with.. possibly even annoying, with my inaccurate fluency and pronunciations.. so anyway, this goal will involve having to talk to my parents in indo (T__T) and making more indo friends :D

thats it for now, two goals is waaay more than enough, and I dont even know if they are even my most important goals, i mean there should be one study goal at least.. but meh, im a lazy person :(

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