12 February 2011


People say I'm really mature for my age in many ways, but if theres one thing I'm childlike in, its love. I want to love like a child. Just love, with no borders or no conditions. So I guess when people go, "she doesn't know anything about love, she's too young".. well you're right. You know back in primary school? Well its not the same when you get older, 'conditions' start rising up. People start to spot flaws and become picky with who they'd like. People start going out with others for reasons other than to start a future with them, like to either:
1. Impress their friends
2. Play a game
3. Feel lonely no more
4. Fulfill their physical desires
5. Gain a status
6. Feel happy
7. Make others feel jealous

I dont know, when you get older, love becomes more complicated. You never know if you can trust a guy or girl, because they might just be bluffing.

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