20 February 2011

My Ideal

The reason why I haven't fallen for him yet is because he's a lot like me in relationships - clingy, sad and blames himself easily, too cheesy, can be a LITTLE immature sometimes. But.. besides all that, he's actually the type of guy I want. There is this day where.. he made me laugh and really happy, and we sung together, even if he was a really bad singer, finishing each other's lines. We first met online, but the moment we met in real life, something clicked, we were comfortable with other straight away. Well anyway, I'm hoping he doesn't read my blog, because this is embarrassing. And he's not even single. LOL. Well anyway, the reason why I'm telling you guys this, is because.. he was the first guy to really brighten my spirit since the day that that dreaded event happened. But that doesn't mean I like this guy that I mentioned/described above. Haha.

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