30 March 2011


Its funny how she set her blog theme to be like his. Coincidental?

Muggle Studies :D

Ahaha I'm loving my new electives this year (Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures) ;)

27 March 2011

'Unexpected' Person

So as promised, I'll write about this person I met yesterday.. Once upon a time, a month or two ago, I was bored and decided to go through photos of people that just recently graduated from high school, because, well, its been a while since i made new friends, and its also been a while that i have added someone 'randomly' because they look nice/friendly to meet. I was just wondering that if i WERE to try and make friends with someone new, who it was to be. I know, I'm a really scary person. It kinda freaks me out myself =/ But anyway, I did spot ONE person in the photo. But kinda too scared to just 'add' them because I'm not who I used to be before, like when bebo was popular back then. Nowadays I just make new friends in real life. So a month or two went by wondering if I should add this person or not, thinking I'd appear as suspicious to them. It went until yesterday, when I got the biggest surprise seeing them there. And well it was the perfect opportunity, and we got along well :D and thats the end of my story. girl or guy, it doesnt really matter, i met heaps of nice new people yesterday. im happy enough :)

Late Night Outing

Okay, firstly this is my first time mobile blogging, so bear with me here, this could take a while to get used to :P Alright, so today was Scott's bday outing (around 16 people attended) & it started at 2pm but I couldn't get there on time 'cause of chinese school ending at 4pm, so yer, got there @ around 5pm? Anyways met them at echo karaoke but it was already nearly over LOL. Oh well, there were heaps of ppl I didn't know, so I didn't want to sing anyway XD I liked the karaoke place, its pretty comparable to greenbox, show and all that. Its touch screen and soooo much easier/convenient to use. That's the really good highlight ^^ there's also a separate controller just to adjust volume, and its heaps easy to skip songs and shiz. Okay, that's it for karaoke. Haha. Next we went to this place called the secret room, which is sooooooo cool, you wouldn't believe. Its like room rental but the decorations range from sleek city apartment looks, to beach hut, to japanese rooms (the one we went to). Each room has a completely diff and unique design. Definitely, 100% better than moviebar, which is very similar but its so much more smaller :D you can do anything in the room, like browse the internet on the huge screen, watch movies, play music and they even had wii, PS consoles and more. They have heaps of food too :D we were about to play poker, but cancelled and went with team charades instead. There was really stupid stuff in there like the hard-to-act-out inception and plain dirty ones like 'wanking'. Thank goodness I didn't have to play the actor at all -.-" hmm.. After that we went to have dinner at little lamb (all you can eat buffet type) and raw meats cooked in big tub of soupy mixture heated over hot plate. It was sooooo good, I could eat nearly everything, there was hardly anything I didn't like ^^ we took a few funny photos. And a group photo when it finished :) oh yeah, it was around 9:30-10 when nearly the whole restaurant was empty, that we brought out the cake! It was so damn loud singing, shouting and laughing really loudly like we owned the place, but fun because there was only one other group of people eating, so we didn't disturb the public that much :p after handing out a taro cake (first time trying taro, I think?) It was time for us to go home :( and that was my awesome day! Oh and if you know me, you'd know I LOVE making heaps of new friends. Today I met heaps of new people, and I got along well with these two girls and guy. (Y)By the way I met someone unexpected there but I'm too tired writing this, so I'll talk about it tomorrow :p

24 March 2011

23 March 2011

Is That Him?!

Today at work, wow, heaps of people visited. It all started when I arrived around 3:40 even if my shift was 5-10pm. Was hoping I could start early (4pm) finish early (9pm) but in the end I was too lazy to get changed early so yeah, stayed for an hour x) Got changed first (in my new uniform btw! XD) and when I went out, I saw Freya, Melissa and Breanne from my year at school! So I stayed with them for an hour :)

Anyway when the time came, I started working a few mins early. Everyone was surprised to see me in all black instead of the usual red. haha :) Well, time passed slow, and it after a few hours, these guys came in. They looked like guys I would typically see at my youth group - and guess what, it was. and J-- WAS THERE. A CLOSE FRIEND OF A GUY I USED TO REALLY REALLY LIKE (which was 2 years ago, by the way). I was freaking out! I thought the guy I used to like, would be there too, but WHEW luckily not -huge sigh of relief- If you happened to be one of the lucky people that knew me back in 2008/2009 and read my old blog (now on private), you would've known just how much I wrote about him -.-"

Anyway I'm kinda scared now, that somehow someone from my youth group will read this and be like 'WHAAAT?! she used to like J-----?!' well.. that.. was.. ages ago.. so umm.. yeah.. ^^"

21 March 2011


"You may try new ways of approaching work today, without telling anyone about your plans. However, you won't likely be able to contain your enthusiasm or your anxiety as emotions run to the extremes. You could say more than you intend, but it all happens so fast that you might blurt out the truth before you've realised what you've said. Don't stress about it; once you've spoken your piece, you'll feel a great sense of relief."

As Predicted..

yup, Monday is turning out being bad.. I still do somehow feel enthusiastic for work, which is strange..

Good things about today? It's raining. Rain is good :) Just not when it slows you down.. haha. I think I can feel a cold coming up by the end of today.. not good :(

Somehow I feel really pissed off today about this.. ahh, dont want to say it here. Theres only a couple of people that I feel like talking to today.

"You were sitting next to me and you held out your hand. I took it, not knowing your intention, but heart beating really fast. When I placed my hand in yours, you smiled and held my hand.. And yet I couldn't identify who you were.. but there was so much familiarity" - this was my dream last night.. it felt so real ><

20 March 2011

My 'Relaxed' Sunday

Today was Sunday and I went to church and met up with one of Jason's friends that I recently met just last Sunday at Jason's church, but he also went to hillsong so we decided to meet up today :) Hahahah, that was confusing, I know but I think you get my idea :p Lisa Bevere preached, she came straight out of the hillsong colour conference for women, her message was really good ^^ although i forgot most of what she said already, i can remember that God did AMAZING things in her life.

Afterwards I went over to Eastlakes to catch up with Jess and Jason, and I thought Jess was studying at home, but she went to the library :S So in the end, I just watched a movie with Jason and his baby sis :) Felt nice spending a rainy day somewhere else besides my home :)

Somehow I'm pretty enthusiastic about work tomorrow.. but maybe thats just because im in a good mood today, i bet tomorrow i'll be like 'omgsh why did i chose to work on monday!!' i'll be honest, i dont like mondays. many people would agree with me. haha. i heard a fact that mondays are the most popular days for suicide (not that i would do that), but i wouldnt blame them. monday for me = dreading going to school, waking up feeling dead, the big one - running LATE to school, finishing last minute homework etc etc. so yeah.. =="

Hmm.. my usual update on love I guess? (since i know that some people only read my blog for that reason..) uhhhhhhhm.. just the usual text messages that NEVER GETS REPLIED BACK. Why do I bother talking to you anymore, seriously.. I just want to stay friends, and thats what you said was best to, yet you dont even contact me, i feel like a stranger -.-" thanks heaps..

On a positive note, still looking for that one person that I can secretly admire :) There is oneeeeee.. but.. he barely talks to me whenever I see him, but thats probably because we're working -.- whoops, shouldnt have said that.. haha.. But when I mean admire, I really do mean it, someone I look up to, but less than being attracted to, I guess? So i guess its.. kinda.. okay to say this on my blog :p Anyway, I do try to bring out opportunities but he doesn't usually stay to talk, and if he does, I struggle with what to say to him, seeing as I'm that shy/quiet type when it usually comes to just myself and someone else..

Speaking of shy/quiet, Matt posted on my fb about me finally getting out of my shy/quiet self. I have to agree, over the past months, I've been trying to be more outgoing. Quiet, yes, still very quiet, but not as shy anymore I think? I do try to be confident saying the 'first' words to start a conversation, but then it never flows well so it ends up being awkwardly quiet.. :( Oh, at work I do tend to be more myself, depending on who I work with at the front. People like Ella, Carissa and Jess make me feel more of my usual self, which is usually crazy and unusual, like being random, laughing like all the time, and that. Not that I don't get along with other people as well, just didnt want to list them all down, itd take a while D: Oh, what I wanted to say was, I kinda miss being the shy and quiet type.. Well, matt, in response to your comment, yes, in a way I did get what I previously wanted, but it's.. not what I expected it to turn out =/ I thought being more outgoing would get people to be a little more comfortable around me, but sometimes I think it does the opposite..


You know that feeling when you tie a string tightly around one of your fingers and when your blood supply gets cut off you get this really strange sensation? its not painful and its not numbing either.. uhh.. you all get what i mean right? xD well anyway at home I sit in a really awkward way with one leg under my entire body weight and the other in the normal position when sitting, and its times like these that I wonder if I'm exposing myself to a high risk of circulation problems in the future =/ like, right now i have that feeling in one of my legs and i didnt even sit like that.. I think that's just me being paranoid..

15 March 2011


Nothing much has happened lately.. I've been trying to keep in contact with friends I haven't talked to for a while, especially with Jason and Jessica. Went to their church on Sunday :)

Got myself Pokemon White @ easties. I dont know, Pokemon is a childhood memory that will never die out on me :) Unfortunately its been 2 days and I haven't really started much of the game, plus my sis wanted to see me play from beginning, so I didn't save anyway. Too much school and work shifts to do =="

In terms of finding a man, I am totally lost. I have no strong reason to hold on to my ex anymore, since not seeing him makes moving on so much easier. But then again, I really like the idea that my first could be my last, you know? I made too many commitments to him. Yeah, too much complications, I know. I just think that with the next guy I find, he'll be getting less of me, like I doubt that I can fall in love so easily now =/ But.. I REALLY want to move on, and to me, moving on means finding someone new, basically.


"Memories from the past may be stimulated by someone at work today, but your recollections may be quite different than they were before. Logical Mercury's conjunction with optimistic Jupiter paints your thoughts with brighter colours which enable you to see positive aspects to nearly everything. Getting to the truth isn't as important as you think, so don't be afraid of adding a new twist to an old story."

09 March 2011


- fear of tiny clusters of holes


Oh, im 16 and i only get $8.3, probs not worth it :(


Nah, mines is at moore park. But anyway, I think I reconsider, dont apply here >< The crew is awesome, the shift managers are nice (they tend to give free food for our breaks or bigger discounts) but the restaurant manager.. err.. everyone doesnt like her, she tends to talk behind people's backs and all that =/ plus you get paid more at KFC so yeah XD

08 March 2011


Apply at my Hungry Jacks! There's heaaaaaaps of people who recently quit so we are definitely looking for new staff :)

06 March 2011

Dream Guy?

He would..
- Be Indonesian
- Be taller than me
- Dedicate himself to working hard towards the future
- Love children
- Rarely smoke and never do drugs or get drunk
- Have average looks +
- Be loyal / faithful
- Be Christian
- Marry me :)

See, I'm not that picky am I? ^^ I've already found the perfect guy, but he doesn't want me, so.. sucks to be me.. its hard to find others when you've found the perfect one :(


its what i tell myself every single freaking day. its been 2 months already, come on. the thing is, God is not agreeing with the idea of me wanting to move on and find someone new, he told me to 'wait'. whether its for him to come back because hes worth it, or to be in a relationship in general, i have no idea.

Late Reply

but thanks for the response :)

03 March 2011

Guess what arrived in the mail today? =D

Free 5 Gum! Thankyou Lady, for putting the ad out there =D
I don't know about you guys, but getting stuff in the mail gets me all excited ^^ even better, when nice presents appear on my doorstep ;D but thats never happened before. haha. i wish :p I took a pic of the packaging =D here it is ~

01 March 2011

"Some people think that love is just a feeling, so they fall out of love as quickly as they fell in.. Some people think that love is just a game, but they the one who always seem to end up getting played.."

- Stan Walker

Back to 2009

It feels exactly back in year 9 where everyone is pointing out all the bad features of me.. Like the fact that I'm different in a strange sort of way. Or that there are features of me that annoy others. I act like I accept the 'friendly' criticism, but it actually offends me a little, I'm a bit cut that friends like to point out stuff that they don't like about me. I am who I am, don't ask me to change :(