21 March 2011

As Predicted..

yup, Monday is turning out being bad.. I still do somehow feel enthusiastic for work, which is strange..

Good things about today? It's raining. Rain is good :) Just not when it slows you down.. haha. I think I can feel a cold coming up by the end of today.. not good :(

Somehow I feel really pissed off today about this.. ahh, dont want to say it here. Theres only a couple of people that I feel like talking to today.

"You were sitting next to me and you held out your hand. I took it, not knowing your intention, but heart beating really fast. When I placed my hand in yours, you smiled and held my hand.. And yet I couldn't identify who you were.. but there was so much familiarity" - this was my dream last night.. it felt so real ><

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