23 March 2011

Is That Him?!

Today at work, wow, heaps of people visited. It all started when I arrived around 3:40 even if my shift was 5-10pm. Was hoping I could start early (4pm) finish early (9pm) but in the end I was too lazy to get changed early so yeah, stayed for an hour x) Got changed first (in my new uniform btw! XD) and when I went out, I saw Freya, Melissa and Breanne from my year at school! So I stayed with them for an hour :)

Anyway when the time came, I started working a few mins early. Everyone was surprised to see me in all black instead of the usual red. haha :) Well, time passed slow, and it after a few hours, these guys came in. They looked like guys I would typically see at my youth group - and guess what, it was. and J-- WAS THERE. A CLOSE FRIEND OF A GUY I USED TO REALLY REALLY LIKE (which was 2 years ago, by the way). I was freaking out! I thought the guy I used to like, would be there too, but WHEW luckily not -huge sigh of relief- If you happened to be one of the lucky people that knew me back in 2008/2009 and read my old blog (now on private), you would've known just how much I wrote about him -.-"

Anyway I'm kinda scared now, that somehow someone from my youth group will read this and be like 'WHAAAT?! she used to like J-----?!' well.. that.. was.. ages ago.. so umm.. yeah.. ^^"

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